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Yacht Chandlers “NEW PRODUCT INFO”.


Developed by PhD materials scientists formerly of Eastman Kodak Company, GO2 is a groundbreaking, patented nanotechnology-based diesel fuel additive that, when added to diesel fuel, reduces fuel consumption while dramatically reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollutants.

We are stocking in St. Thomas & St. Maarten locations.

Q & A’s about GO2:

What is included in each order of GO2?
A dispensing spigot is included with each order of GO2.
What is in GO2 in addition to nanoparticles?
The primary component other than the nanoparticles is kerosene, which acts solely as a carrier.
How is GO2 different from other fuel additives?
GO2 is not a detergent, lubricant, fungicide, anti-corrosive, or cetane booster. GO2 is a nanotechnology-based combustion catalyst that increases fuel efficiency while decreasing harmful emissions. 
What size containers are available for purchase?
GO2 is available in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon containers in the United States, and 4 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers for Europe.
Can GO2 be used in any diesel engine?
Yes.  GO2 was originally designed for use in large-format commercial engines, however any diesel engine can benefit from using GO2.  GO2 is in use in a variety of engine types ranging in size from 4 cylinders / 100 horsepower to 16 cylinders / 5,000 horsepower.  
What types of fuel can be treated using GO2?
Currently, GO2 is formulated for use in all diesel fuels.



National Marina Day

  Yacht Chandlers was proud to support Hall of Fame Marina in “National Marina Day”, with the Boy Scouts of America. This day was a great chance to get more people out on the water and introduce them to a day of boating! Thanks to Westrec Marinas for their support and hope to see you […]

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