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Caribbean Mega Yacht Program

In partnership with Budget Marine, Yacht Chandlers has launched it’s Caribbean Mega Yacht Program. With a 5 minute sign up our customers can now charge to their Yacht Chandlers account at stores throughout the Caribbean.
For more information please contact us. For immediate enrollment René Edwards van Muijen at rene.edwards@budgetmarine.com

IGY Anchor Club

Yacht Chandlers has become affiliated with the IGY Anchor Club, the marina industry’s first customer loyalty program, allowing members of its Mega Yacht Program to also earn points in IGY Marina’s Anchor Club, which are redeemable for an endless variety of products and services.
For more information please contact us. Sign up today at http://www.igymarinas.com/anchor-club/welcome/




We want to thank everyone for reaching out before, during, and after the storm! In Fort Lauderdale we have power but cell phone service is very spotty. Our office phones are working–954-761-3463. St. Thomas took a direct hit and the island is still recovering. In spite of the storm we are here to serve our […]

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