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Captain Jared Burzler – M/Y Pipe Dreams

Captain Jared Burzler – M/Y Pipe Dreams

March 6th, 2013

To whom it may concern,

It is always a suiting time to provide a positive letter complimenting excellent work performed by a specific individual or an entire team of individuals.

First, I would like to thank the entire crew over at Yacht Chandlers for all the continual great work and assistance with the support of our program. You all are great, knowledgeable and very professional. There is no question why we remain a customer of your company.

Secondly, the satellite branch set-up in S.Thomas is by far one of the best ideas and most convenient for myself as captain and for my crew. St. Thomas had always been overlooked and truly it is very difficult when sourcing supplies on-island. Mainly due to the lack of chandleries compared to most other island destinations. Harry & Carrie did a great job and it was nice seeing them at the helm. We would certainly like to see the satellite office remain a fixture there in Yacht Haven.

Third and last…. The fellas and I were having a discussion on the bridge during our overnight steam from the Virgins down to Antigua. We had a couple last minute (odd) deliveries for crew and how luckily, we managed receiving all our packages prior to departure. We all realized Scott was heavily responsible for making sure that we received our gear and also greatly assisted with so many other request during the season. Throughout our swing there in St. Thomas I felt that Scott was solely dedicated to the PIPE DREAMS due to all the “Hey Scott” last minute calls. I sensed and heard many of the other crew from the other yachts that seem to have equal feelings. We owe him a large thanks and we all thought it’d be best to submit it to the top. We look forward to burning both ends of his candle again next season. It’s a pleasure always hearing “no problem” with a smile back at us.

Kindest Regards,
Captain Jared Burzler
M/Y Pipe Dreams



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